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Thoughts and musings that are centered around living a life with effort and ease. Here you will find wisdom to help enrich your life.

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Noticing November

By Amy Barber | November 10, 2018

Noticing November It’s the start of a new season. A smell of a neighbor’s fireplace, a warm and fragrant smell of a good soup on the stove and the joy of putting on your favorite sweater.¬† An exciting time of year for change and growth. It’s a spectacular time to live and work in New…

Yoga Vows

By Amy Barber | September 24, 2018

  Be patient to your restlessness Be kind to your body Be grateful for the opportunity of being here just now Feel driven by the unique chance to learn a little more, to know yourself a little deeper- -author unknown-

Amsterdam, Netherlands

Effort and Ease

By Amy Barber | July 9, 2018

Welcome to the journey. The search and discovery between effort and ease. It is something that not only do I practice myself, but also teach my students. On Sunday morning, I wake at BW hospital in Boston. Having been a patient since Thursday¬†afternoon. Trying to figure out why I have become so sick with debilitating…