New Yogi

Welcome! Here you will find a brief introduction of what to expect. Take a breath, and enjoy the journey to finding balance between effort and ease.


Yoga, Pilates, Barre and many other physical  forms of movement can be overwhelming to a new student. It can be intimidating being a new student not understanding poses, body alignment, where should you be in the room. You might have questions like, "Am I doing this right? Oh my goodness look at that person. I have no core strength."

Understanding your body, embracing your limitations, working on range of motion, are  very common reactions to starting Yoga, Pilates and barre.

The most common statement I hear is “I am not flexible or I used to be able to do that”.

The true practice of YPB helps not only the body to become strong and more flexibile, but is a powerful lesson on being strong & flexible in our minds or in the way we think. Which is a great tool in your yogi tool shed. Both mental and physical strength and flexibility are needed in life and we receive it in time as a joyful gift and at times, a surprise.

Meditation with mala beads

"Some advice from a beginner: never judge your full potential based on your first run."- Chip Gaines

Camera and Mala Beads

Things to Remember

  1. As a new student, we stick to very basic poses and exercises. In a short amount of time we will explore the use props (mats, blocks, straps, magic circles and even a great Pilates ball.
  2. Next step, we’ll work on body awareness and where are you feeling the exercise. Often, student, including myself get caught up with listen to what is being said rather than paying attention to how it feels.
  3. Making the mind body connection is the essence of the practice. It is called a   practice, because each and every day, we feel different, take some of the. experience away with us, recharge mental batteries, physical batteries or to find a place to become grounded, centered and at ease.

When you begin a new practice frustration, questions and feelings of confusion are to be expected. I like to think of the start as taking small steps, this way you can learn to lessen the self criticism. Clearing and freeing you heart and mind.

Enjoy the journey….moving one step at a time. Finding a balance between effort and ease in everything we do.