What kind of prints did you leave on the world today?

Did you have time to make one?
Say an act of kindness(big or small)
We can certainly leave a print maybe on a glass, mirror or sweet messages on a piece of notepaper...

A print can made by a foot or paw in the sand, mud or snow. Do you see prints in nature by the many creatures we often forget to see? A shadow can be a thought as a print. Can it be a lasting print, something you store in short or long term memory and go there to vacation.

Massachusetts Yoga Teacher Amy Barber

A smile or hug, words or an opinion leave prints on all people. Do they last only for a moment or a lifetime? Do you wear a heart print on your sleeve? Do you read in print by the daily newspaper or on a screen. Did the print leave an impression on you?

If words or images go to print, they can be a great cause for celebration and achievement or cause deep regret or remorse…..


Does the meaning going to print...come across as good, bad or both? Prints change with our seasons, our footprints wash away by the sea, and melt away when the sun warms them in the snow.

Your life will leave a lasting imprint on the world by your words, your actions, teachings and examples, your story… the prints will be made on the hearts and souls of all beings around you.

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