Summers End a review of the summer with flowers against a sunset.

Summer's end has come and gone. Some are excited about the new season ahead with all the holidays quickly approaching. I feel it is good to review your previous season, and end with gratitude. Then forge ahead to the new season with a new vision. This is Summer in review.

We have this practice, not a life insurance guarantee. Yet, this practice guides the way we face obstacles and how to overcome them.

We are always changing. This summer was a beautiful one. Full of great weather, a trip to NYC, visits with friends and family and a great getaway for two weeks at the beach.

Memorable Moments of Summer

  • The extended light is a big one for me
  • Summer sunsets and swimming
  • Laughs around a table
  • Having time
  • Teaching yoga in an art space
  • Sitting on my porch and getting lost in a book
  • Taking walks and riding bikes with my family
  • Walking onto the beach in the early morning and watching the day wake up
  • Photographing summer scenes like the flowers, Lenny and the ocean

Stepping Back

Slowing down takes time, as strange as it sounds

Noticing how conditioned we are to moving non-stop

Can we step back

Can we step out of the habitual movement

The body and mind will recalibrate

When we practice this awareness, we grow!

Do we pride ourselves on being busy, not sure why….

Maybe it makes us feel a sense of accomplished, not lazy, yet productive.

Rest is not lazy.

Do we find ourselves living in the past or planning for the future?

Healing by the beach-

It’s been a bit over a year since I was so sick.

I had a couple of days this summer where I didn’t feel great and my symptoms were tough, but I responded to the waves with a new plan.

I breathe

I listened

I rode the wave without too much resistance-

Not pushing back too hard

It is only temporary

Everything is temporary

I rested

I moved and worked

I took small steps

Now I am at the beach

With family and friends

Enjoying the downtime

Celebrating the sounds, sun, and peace

They become my landscape

I jog, walk, practice yoga

I eat, read, rest and sleep

I slow down….

I admire the dunes that have been renewed to protect the town from storms.

I build my own dunes with my breathing and movement.

Whatever shows up, I will remain calm and strong

I think of my thoughts like the ocean.

Full of power, energy and life.

Our thoughts are not who we are.

Turning around, I see the paths through the sand toward home inviting me.

Sand soft, hidden sparkles and stories….

Water, moving, cooling and healing…

Sky, shades and hues and endlessly creative...

I am present, renewed and ready to go home. 

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  1. sammy on October 18, 2019 at 1:11 pm

    a beautiful share, Amy. especially love looking at your photo of the fun slide. And your line above about your breathing and movement building your own “dunes”, lovely. XO

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