Yoga Instructore, Amy Barber hanging upside down during a round of aerial yoga

Yoga practice comes in many forms. I believe it can help you on your journey when you are unsure of your path or to find clarity. I love experiencing my practice while I travel. There are many paths, we shall walk.  They may even make us flip upside down.  You may find yourself living in a big city and then returning to the quiet of suburbia. Life is real and unique to us all.  

Here is a poem I wrote on describing what my practice means to me. Namaste!

Constrasting life paths

I Am My Practice

When I let go of what I am..
I become what I might be.

When I let go of what I have…
I receive what I need. 

Sometimes the best thing we can do is not think.
No wondering, no imagining, no obsessing.
Just breathe.

Have faith that everything will be ok.

My practice lets me land
And connects me to the ground.
My practice welcomes
And connects me to my breath.
My practice makes me feel again
And softens the numbness.
My practice allows me to sit with it,
Whatever it may be.

My practice connects me to the love of movement.
My practice has created and reawakened my strength and courage.
It has never given up on me.

My practice allows me to remove the masks that I wear
And lets me be,

My practice allows me to be thoughtful and vulnerable.
My practice has given the wisdom to take different variations on
And honor it.
My practice can be raw and unsettling.
My practice respects my space and the need to be alone.
It reminds me to establish boundaries without guilt.

My practice has moved me toward the light of embracing anxiety.
While being consumed by darkness and despair.

My practice is me and I am my practice

Underground water bridge.

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  1. Julie McKay on July 10, 2019 at 11:29 pm

    Beautiful poem, Amy!

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