Balance of Effort & Ease

Center your life with a balance of effort and ease through yoga, pilates, and meditation. 

Benefits of Yoga, Pilates, & Meditation

Balance Your Mind

There are numerous benefits that the mind can gain from these practices. A few examples are: relieves stress, tension, depression, and elevates moods.

Balance Your Body

Practicing Yoga & Pilates can reduce your risk for injury. The more you practice the better your posture, your muscle strength, and pain relief.

Enhanced Mental Fitness

All of these practices assist in helping you be more mindful of your body and surroundings.  It also has the ability to increase memory and concentration.

Core Strength

Your strength allows you to build your strength throughout your body. When your strength is centered you give your body stability.


Enhance your well being and lifestyle...

Sometimes in life we need to make a shift. If that shift comes suddenly without warning it can catch us off guard, and we lose our balance. Maybe it's it because we are too over scheduled, too busy, or need to rebalance our life.

If we are prepared, we are strong and capable. When the shift comes we are able to hold our power and our confidence. Yoga, Pilates, & Meditation has the ability to give power, determination, motivation, balance, and healing.

Amy Barber is a Yoga and Pilates instructor in Massachusetts where she helps her clients bring transformation to their minds & bodies, and adding another piece to the puzzle for aligning them for success. She works with men & women who are both beginners and well seasoned practitioners.

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Client Insights


"Every person on earth is full with great possibilities that can be realized through imagination, effort, and perseverance." - SB Kaufman


Fill your life with mindfulness

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