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Amy Barber offers many different classes, as well as one on one personal sessions. Take a look at the different class descriptions, and find out which one is best for you. Be sure to check back periodically for new classes added.


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Acton Massachusetts Amy Barber Yoga
Acton Massachusetts Amy Barber Yoga
Acton Massachusetts Amy Barber Yoga

Pure Barre

Using a ballet barre, Pure Barre is a low impact, and intense workout that builds strength, endurance, and muscle tone through small focused movements. There is a lot of stretching involved that will improve range of motion.


Pilates help strength and stabilize your core. Similar to yoga, it is a less strenuous form of exercise that relies on your breathing and focus. Pilates was originally created for injured dancers and soldiers.

Vinyasa Flow Yoga

One of the most popular styles of Yoga. Vinyasa Flow relies on movement with breath. Your breath is the anchor that helps you flow from one pose into the next. not only does it promote balance, but also prevents repetitive motion injuries.

Yoga+Pilates Fusion

During Yoga+Pilates fusion one modality compliments the other and a combination of both works to create balance and strength in the front, sides and back core body. Yoga incorporates the focus on breathing within poses.

Slow Flow

Slow flow is based on the Vinyasa practices where it links breath, movement, and poses. Slow flow allows beginners to intuitively flow into their own movements. The practitioner guides the student, tailoring personal experience.

Power yoga

Faster paced that Vinyasa Flow Yoga, Power Yoga focuses on movement and breath. It invites a challenging mix of both Yoga and Pilates movements to strengthen and enhance your core. Power Yoga involves less time spent in meditation.

Acton Massachusetts Amy Barber Yoga

Looking for a One on One Appointment?

Amy Barber offers private classes and one on one instruction at the On the Mat in Concord. Sessions are available from 60-90 min.